Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Letter from Ted Surdez (December 5th, 1925)

                                                                                              Skidmore Mo.
                                                                                                                 Dec. 5, '25

Dear Doris - Another day of bad weather and nothing to do so will try and kill a little time by writing a few letters.  Yes I think I have been getting all your letters as I get one every day.  And they sure kid me about it too.  It sure is cold here today and there is a little snow on the ground.  So we are going to wait until Monday before we start work again.  Went to a dance last night but didn't have any fun.  The music was poor and the crowd was dead.  Outside of that it was pretty good.  Norman came very near going north today but I talked him out of it because I knew it would be foolish to leave all this good corn when I have no job in sight up there.  But he sure is home sick.  And I guess I wanted to go about as bad as he did, but I knew that wouldn't be a very wise thing to do.  Please excuse this big blot.  I was pushing on the self filler and didn't know it.  So you can take it for a big smacker.  My old girl called me over long distance today and wanted me to come up and see her but I told her I didn't have any way of getting there.  O well I can't be waisting my time and money on her when there (-over-)

is such a long winter and a girl like you waiting for me in S.D.  So your red top gum drop was down to see you again was he.  Well it sure is too bad you were not home.  But don't worry he will be back.  Well you know what happens if you ever go any where with him.  Now I guess it was foolish of me to say that as I know you wouldn't do any thing like that.  Well little Pal news are scarse when I write so often so I guess this will be about all for today.  We are going to stay in town tonight and I am going to take Bernus and Eloise to the show as Dewey has to work.  O boy I am getting some real good stuff over the radio just now.  Do you remember the song that was sung on the night of Oct. 3 on the streets of S.F. by a group of women riding on a truck.  Well that is what I am listening to just now and it sure sounds good.  It is coming from station K.S.O. now if you can figure out what those letters stand for.  You will know what sort of people are doing the bradcasting.  Well I must close as it is geting late and I have to go out to the farm and take care of my mules.  So by bye, keep writing every day.

                                                   Yours Till Concret Walks

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  1. There it is... the coolest closing... maybe EVER!!! "Yours Till Concret Walks" -- Don't you just LOVE him!?! That says it all!!