Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Letter from Ted Surdez (December 14th, 1925)

                                                                                                          Skidmore, Mo.
                                                                                                             Dec. 14, '25

Dear Doris -

Well it is snowing this morning and I am rather mad.  We were figuring on geting through tomorrow and going to S.F. Wensday.  But it is hard to tell when we will get through now.  I was sorry to hear that you got hurt and hope you are all right now.  My knee has been bothering me a lot lately but it feels pretty good this morning.  I gave it a hot bath last night.  Norman and Dewey went hunting yesterday but I stayed home

all day and sat by the fire.  Went to bed about 7:30 last night and got up at 5 this morning and now we can't work so I guess I will go back to bed.  I would rather start for Sioux Falls this morning than any thing I know of but these folks have been so good to us I think we had ought to stay and help them finish.  I wonder what is the matter with Les.  We have been looking for him every day and he hasn't showed up yet.  Is he still at Kennedy's or (-over-)

has he found some more corn to pick?  I have a chance to get my old job back if I want it, and I would take it if you were here but I would die if I had to stay here all winter with out seeing you.  But I realy don't know what I will do up there all winter.  I don't suppose one could buy a job now and it is a long time till spring, but I suppose I will get by some way.  Well I must close as news are scarse and it is almost mail time.

                                                                          xx     Yours only,
                                                                 xxxxxxxx           Ted


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  1. I love the "x's" on the last page all by themselves.