Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Dear little Pal" by Dione M. Surdez (October 24th, 2007)

Dear little Pal

Are you actually little?
Or, are you little to me?
You are a woman.
I am a man.
I should be bigger than you.
                                    But, am I?

If I address you as little
                            will it help me feel better?
Do you consider it a term of endearment?

Certainly you are dear.
That is without question.

And, a pal, you are to me.
Do you hope that you can be more?

In the meantime, I will speak of small things -
Little bits of conversation.

          Thank you for your letter.
          I’m glad you made it to Sheridan.
          I hope that you feel better.
          Please be careful traveling back again.

Perhaps this will build our trust.
Perhaps this will become more.
Or not.
I am not yet sure.

          I will write of my work.
          I will write of the weather.
          I will write of your eyes.
          I will write of your letter.
          And, I will anticipate each one.

As Ever Yours Only

Could that be any more clear?

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  1. Ted said a LOT in his own "little" way. This is my favorite of your poems in this series.